MSM Online Lessons

Scratch Explorers

Scratch Explorers introduces kids as young as 6 to coding concepts through the creation of online adventures. These lessons are geared toward beginners and require no previous coding experience. Along the way, learners create a virtual aquarium, take a trip to outer space, go on an undersea adventure, play dinosaur tag, create a dog park, and more!

SE01: Getting Started

This lesson gets you all set up to create cool things with Scratch!!!

SE02: Say Hi To The Cat

You'll meet my good friend The Cat and write your very first program in this lesson!

SE03: Bouncing Cats

You will learn how to make images move on the screen and have them bounce off the edges of the stage!

SE04: Aquarium

In this lesson, you'll create a virtual aquarium complete with your very own SHARK!

SE05: Outer Space

You'll take a trip to outer space and meeting some super cool alien friends in this lesson!

SE06: Run Around!

You will learn how to make our friend Ben run around the screen using the arrow keys!

Game Development with Scratch

Games are not only fun to play, but they’re also fun to build and building games is a great way to learn to code. Kids build several different types of games including paddle games, maze games, platformers, and more. By the end, they’ll be able to design, build, and play their own games!

SC01: Hello, Scratch!

You'll get everything set up with Scratch and write your very first program!

SC02: Going For A Walkabout

In this lesson, we learn to add motion to sprites in Scratch. You'll learn about the Scratch XY coordinate system, backdrops, and programming concepts such as initialization, statements, and algorithms.

SC03: Herding the Cat

This lesson covers using keyboard input to move sprites on the screen. You'll also learn how to use loops to repeat code and how to have your code make decisions with conditional statements.

SC04: Saving All Screens

You'll learn how to make sprites bounce off the edges of the screen and how to add unpredictability and complexity to games with Random Numbers. You'll also learn how to add more than one sprite to your game. These are essential skills for building engaging games!

SC05: Pong!

In this lesson, you'll create your very first complete game! Along the way, you'll learn about collision detection, creating custom sprites, variables, having sprites bounce off each other, messages, and adding sounds to your game!

SC06: Dodge Ball

You'll build your own Dodge Ball game in this lesson! You'll learn how to clone sprites, set timers, and how to use costumes to add visual variety to your games.

SC07: Balloon Mania!

You'll use all of your coding skills to create a game called Balloon Mania! You'll learn how to detect collisions between sprites and the mouse pointer. You'll also learn about design patterns and how they are used in coding.

SC08: Breakout!

In this lesson we build our version of the classic video game Breakout! You'll get to use everything you've learned so far as we build the game.