No. Our beginning lessons are geared towards learners with no coding experience.

Your child will learn basic programming concepts (loops, conditionals, variables, events, and more) as well as problem-solving and design skills.

MSM lessons are done on your child’s schedule and at your child’s pace. Each lesson consists of videos that contain step-by-step code-along instructions. After your child has watched the videos and created the lesson’s project, there are challenges the stretch their skills and a quiz that helps to reinforce the most important concepts for the lesson. Each lesson also contains a set of notes and a Learner Engagement Guide that gives parents, guardians, and teachers an overview of the lesson material and a list of discussion prompts. View this video for a demonstration of the platform.
  1. Yes – our Family Subscription allows for up to 3 students at a discounted rate. You can sign up for a Family Subscription here.
Yes! MSM subscriptions can be given as gifts! The following video steps you through the process:  
The following video demonstrates how to purchase an MSM Family Subscription and set up learner accounts.  

All MSM lessons are 100% online, self-paced, and can be taken on your schedule.

Each MSM lesson takes from 1 to 4 hours to complete, however, a lesson does not have to be completed in one session. Lessons are broken into topics, which take from 5 to 25 minutes to complete. Learners can complete part of a lesson, stop, and then pick up where they left off in the next session.

Most programming issues can be solved by rewatching the lesson video and making sure that your code matches the code in the video. Support for more complicated issues is available by emailing support@makingsoftwaremakers.com. 

You can use a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer or a tablet (either Mac or Android) for MSM lessons as long as it has an up to date Chrome, Edge, or Safari browser.

Yes! MSM lessons can be easily integrated into a classroom curriculum. See the School Curriculum page for more information.

Yes! MSM lessons can be used as a stand-alone coding camp or can be integrated into an existing camp program. See the Code Camps page for more information.