About Us

Our Approach

First of all, we want to make coding FUN! But at the same time, we want kids to learn. MSM courses are fun with a purpose!

Our lessons are taught with block-based drag-and-drop coding languages. We do this because it is approachable, intuitive, and visual. Kids learn coding concepts and skills as well as techniques for designing and building their own games and mobile apps. By the time they’re done, kids aren’t just playing games and using apps – they’re inventing them!

Each MSM lesson consists of the following:

  • Videos with code-alongs and explanations of new concepts.
  • Notes that highlight the most important concepts of the lesson.
  • A Quiz that helps solidify concepts in learners’ minds.
  • Challenges that kids do on their own.
  • Solutions to the challenges so kids can compare their solutions to ours.
  • A Learner Engagement Guide that gives you questions and talking points to engage your learner.

Our lessons include opportunities for kids from elementary through high school age and for beginners through advanced learners. Lessons cover game and mobile app development. New lessons are being added all the time.

MSM lessons are 100% online, self-paced, and are offered as a monthly subscription. This allows learners to work at their own pace and on their own schedule.