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Coding is the future

For some kids, coding will become a career; for others, coding will become a powerful skill that helps them in another job; and yet others will never code again but coding will help them understand and interact with our increasingly high-tech world.

As parents, we want to give our kids every advantage to prepare them for the future. Coding gives kids a 21st-century superpower no matter what they want to be when they grow up… be that a firefighter, teacher, lawyer, electrician, nurse, or software developer.

What Kids Learn

Ages 7-18 | Self-paced Online | Games | Mobile Apps


Games are not only fun to play, they're fun to build and building games is a great way to learn to code. Kids build several different kinds of games including paddle games, maze games, platformers, and more. By the end, they'll be able to design, build, and play their own games!

How It Works

MSM lessons are fun with a purpose!

Our lessons are taught with block-based drag-and-drop coding languages. We do this because it is approachable, intuitive, and visual. Kids learn coding concepts and skills as well as techniques for designing and building their own games and mobile apps. By the time they’re done, kids aren’t just playing games and using apps – they’re inventing them! Each lesson contains the following:


Learner Engagement Guides give you questions and talking points so you can keep up with what your learner is doing.


Each video contains code-alongs that contain step-by-step instructions and explantations of new concepts.


Challenges build on the lesson concepts and stretch learners with tasks that they do on their own.


Solutions present possible approaches to the challenges so learners can compare their solutions to ours.


Notes highlight the most important concepts of the lesson.


Each quiz helps solidify lesson concepts in learners' minds.

Learning to code is an adventure!!!


Kids earn badges as they progress through lessons, complete tasks, learn new skills, and build games and apps. Each completed lesson and each new skill learned is another badge!

Dev Levels

Learners level up as they complete lessons, finish tasks, learn new skills, and earn badges. Everyone starts as a Newbie Developer (Dev) and can progress to Rookie Dev, Junior Dev, and beyond!

MSM Points

Each earned badge, dev level, and new skill equals more MSM Points! Special badges are awarded when certain point totals are reached!

Our mission is to help you help your
kid level up for the 21st century

Life Long Skills

Learning basic coding concepts teaches kids computational thinking and logical problem-solving. These are skills that can be used for the rest of their lives. Understanding how computers and code work helps them understand the world.


A big part of the Making Software Makers mission is to provide an affordable way for kids to learn to code. We want to give every kid the chance to fall in love with coding. Our goal is to help 100,000 kids learn to code.